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Who We Are

Motherhood Ultrasound is the best in class elective ultrasound facility for pregnant moms. We are proud to serve the Washington-Baltimore area with long hours of operation and same day appointments. We use the latest ultrasound technology available in the newer GE ultrasound machines. Our sonographers have 25+ years of prenatal ultrasound experience.

What We Do

Our sonographers can determine your baby's gender as soon as you have completed 13 weeks of your pregnancy so you can start preparing for the baby's arrival early. We can help you determine how far along you are in your pregnancy as early as 5 weeks. You can experience baby's heartbeat as well after completing 7 weeks. Plus with the latest HDLIVE technology you can also glimpse who your baby looks like, is it going to be daddy's nose or mommy's lips?

Our Purpose

At Motherhood Ultrasound we believe that having a baby is one of the most beautiful wonders this Universe has to offer and undoubtedly one of the greatest joys a woman can experience. Our purpose here is to bring clarity to your 9 months journey via elective prenatal ultrasound sessions.





Elective Ultrasound Sessions

Since inception, Motherhood Ultrasound has been committed to provide the highest quality of elective ultrasound sessions. We provide you with simple and useful choice of ultrasound packages that are well worth your time and money.


Baby in HDLIVE|5D


GE's HDLIVE technology is the latest breakthrough in the 3D/4D ultrasound imaging.  It uses a unique movable light source that makes it possible for you to see your baby with utmost clarity.  HDLIVE is the best technology when it comes to seeing baby's facial features as it adds depth and angles to the ultrasound image. This ultrasound session takes about 30 minutes and it not only shows your baby in 'High Definition' but is also the most detailed session. The entire ultrasound session will also be captured from the ultrasound machine and recorded on a DVD which you will be able to watch with family and friends later.  All the HiDef baby images taken during the session will be emailed to you, ready for sharing and/or printing.  You will also get print outs of 4 colored pictures and 4 black & white pictures.   Our sonographers will measure the baby, give you an approximate due date, show you baby's heartbeat and determine baby's gender accurately as soon you have completed 13 weeks or 91 days of your pregnancy.

Baby in 3D|4D


This ultrasound session takes approximately 20 minutes.  This session shows your baby in Colored 3D/4D.  The entire ultrasound session will be captured from the ultrasound machine and recorded on a DVD which you will be able to watch with family and friends later.  All the baby images captured during the session will also be emailed to you, ready for sharing and/or printing.  Our sonographers will measure the baby, give you an approximate due date, show you baby's heartbeat and determine baby's gender accurately as soon you have completed 13 weeks or 91 days of your pregnancy.

Baby in 2D


This ultrasound session takes approximately 10 minutes.  This session shows your baby in Black & White 2D and includes 4 printed Black & White pictures.  This session can verify pregnancy starting as early as 5 weeks and you can experience baby's heartbeat after 7 weeks.  Our sonographer's have 25+ years of prenatal ultrasound experience which helps in determining your baby's gender accurately as soon you have completed 13 weeks or 91 days.

Add-On To Any Session

Heartbeat Plush Animal



Our Location

Currently only our Annapolis location is open

Monday - Saturday, 10am - 7pm

Due to COVID-19 we have closed other locations and are accepting appointments only for the Annapolis office.


Annapolis office has long hours of operation including evening and weekends so you can get an ultrasound session for the time and day that fits your schedule.


128 Lubrano Drive

Suite LL-100

Annapolis MD 21401




25 Years of Experience

Our sonographers have 25+ years of prenatal ultrasound experience which helps in determining your baby's gender as early as 13 weeks. Our gender ultrasound are 100% accurate.

Latest Ultrasound Technology

We use the latest GE ultrasound machines with the HDLIVE technology so moms can experience their baby's world with utmost clarity.

Same Day Appointments

We offer same day appointments when available and with our long hours of operation, including evenings and weekends you can get an ultrasound session that fits your busy schedule.


What Mom's Are Saying

We had a great experience! We had a gender determination 3D ultrasound at 13 weeks and 3 days. The office is very clean and the prices are reasonable. The staff was professional, friendly and knowledgeable, and they were able to give us a gender immediately! We really appreciated that they took the time to get some great shots, and they explained everything we were seeing to our older children who came with us to see their new baby sibling. We will definitely be going back at around 33 weeks for another session!


{Review on Google}

Motherhood Ultrasound really delivered! They were amazing, professional yet extremely friendly and down to earth! Even on a Saturday! :)They discovered my babies gender at 14 weeks! I would recommend them to anyone!!!! We wanted to keep it a surprise and they did such a great job at respecting our wishes. If we had to do it over again, there isn't another place I would choose! Worth every star! Go to them, you wont regret it!


{Review on Yelp}

Wow what a great experience I will definitely be going back. Its so nice inside I love the set up very comfortable the staff is extremely nice. They have really good pricing for what they do and the experience they give you!!!!! This post does no justice for how good they really are you will not be disappointed.


{Review on Google}

I couldn't have chosen a better place, the staff are so friendly and extremely good at what they do. With my very stubborn 13 week baby they were able to tell what the gender was in minutes. We were amazed!!! The staff was so patient and went above and beyond the time we paid for and even showed us our baby in 3D you can tell this is a passion of theirs just by the way they talk about all the babies they get to see. I will definitely be going back to see my bigger baby in a month or 2!!!


{Review on Facebook}

Amazing technology! The people who work here were so welcoming to me, and they determined gender at only 13 weeks when my regular doctor said I had to wait at least another month! Really knowledgeable and competent professionals here, in a comfortable facility. The images were so clear! I can't rave enough about how cool this technology is and how great the people who work here are!


{Review on Facebook}


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best time during a pregnancy to schedule an elective ultrasound? - If you just want to find out how far along you are you can come in as early as 5 weeks. If you want to experience the heartbeat of the new life that has just came into existence you can come in anytime after 7 weeks.  If you want to know whether you are having a girl or a boy, we can tell you that starting as early as 13 weeks.  If you want to get a better look at the baby's facial features we recommend scheduling your ultrasound session after 25 weeks.

  • What is the accuracy rate of your gender ultrasounds? - Our sonographers have 25+ years of prenatal ultrasound experience and our gender ultrasound results are 100% accurate.  We don't guess or predict your baby's gender, we use decades of prenatal ultrasound experience and proprietary techniques to accurately determine the gender. Moms should have completed 91 days of the pregnancy (calculated from the LMP date) to find out the gender with 100% accuracy.


  • Does ultrasound always capture the baby clearly? - Ultrasound technology uses sound waves to produce baby images on the screen. It is a window to baby's natural environment in the womb and babies are not always positioned where the ultrasound can capture them from all angles and/or produce clear images. All babies scan differently due to various factors like the baby's position, the amount of amniotic fluid and placenta placement etc which are beyond our control. The best a mom can do is drink lots of water during the pregnancy to increase the amniotic fluid around the baby as that will help capture better quality images. Our sonographers will use all their experience and try all the tricks they have up their sleeves to produce images that are as clear as possible.

  • What happens if the baby doesn't cooperate during the appointment time? - Most babies are positioned well for our sonographers to determine the gender and/or capture face images but in those rare cases where during the first session baby doesn't cooperate at all,  you will have an option to try again within a week during a Second Session for a minimum charge of $50.

  • What can a Mom do to prepare herself for an ultrasound session? - Pregnant moms are required to eat only a light meal 2 hours before the appointment and drink 2 bottles of water 30 minutes before the appointment to come with a full bladder.  If you booked your appointment a few days in advance then it is recommended to drink 1 gallon of water daily as that will keep the amniotic fluid clear which helps the ultrasound machine in capturing clearer images.

  • Can elective ultrasounds replace medical ultrasounds? - Our ultrasound sessions are only for entertainment purposes and under no circumstances can an elective ultrasound session be used in lieu of a medical diagnostic ultrasound.  Pregnant women who are seeking an elective prenatal ultrasound at our center must already be receiving medical supervision for prenatal care.

  • Are elective ultrasounds covered by health insurance? - Elective ultrasounds are performed solely for entertainment and baby bonding purposes and are not covered by any health insurance.

  • What forms of payment are accepted? - Payments can be made via Cash or Card, both Debit or Credit.

  • Do you carry Heartbeat Bears? - Yes, we the carry Heartbeat Bears! To make sure we have it in stock at the time of your appointment, please mention it when you will be making an appointment online or over the phone.

  • Do you offer any Discounts? - Yes, at Motherhood Ultrasound we are proud to offer 10% Services Discount for Military, Fireman, Police, Teachers & Nurses on all our ultrasound sessions.

  • Is there an extra charge for Twins or Triplets? - We don't charge extra for Twins or Triplets.

  • Do you accept Walk-ins? - In order for you to save time and for us to serve you better, we require you to book your ultrasound appointment with us in advance. For your convenience, we do offer same day appointments when available.

  • How many family and friends can we bring to the appointment? - Currently due to the Covid-19 restrictions, only 1 healthy adult can accompany the pregnant mom to the appointment, children under the age of 10 can join as well.


  • What is the appointment reschedule and cancellation policy? - We don't penalize moms if they can't make it for their appointment, however we do expect moms to either reschedule or cancel at least a day in advance if they know that they won't be able to make it for their appointment.

  • What is the Refund Policy? - There are no refunds issued for services rendered by us as you pay to see the baby in their natural environment via the ultrasound technology. Each baby scans differently depending on various factors like baby's position, amniotic fluid, placenta position etc, that are not in our control. Our sonographers can only use all their experience and apply all the tricks they have to capture the clearest image of the baby via the ultrasound during the appointment.





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